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Making anger your secret weapon| find Peace of Mind |Managing Anger

I wrote one article sometimes back Courage is the Key in which I emphasize on value of courage and indicate that every of your virtues follow courage and if you lack it then no use of other virtues. Exact opposite is true for anger. If you have hundreds of best moral values and creativity but if you have excessive anger then every other virtue will become useless. People would be unable to see your best points just because of your anger. You may become socially avoided if you are not managing anger. Keep in mind that ability of managing anger is virtue of courageous.

As per Jainism anger is biggest black mark on moral values and personality and managing anger is must required. Anger is destroy your conscience and your ability to differentiate between good and pillar candle You must destroy every bit of anger if you want to advance spiritually. Without managing anger no permanent peace of mind available to you. Some so called experts argue that anger is one of human’s inbuilt natures and releasing it is healthy attitude but I strongly disagree with them.

Person must learn to control if not destroy anger, if he or she want peace of mind and be stress free. Today it is not secret that anger can affect your mantle and physical health both in worst ways. Generally speaking anger is triggered when your big ego or your rigidness to subject is hurt. It may be by boss, neighbor, family, financial condition, society anything. So for managing anger lower your big ego is must required including some flexibility in our belief system. I don’t want to tell you that there are some trick and tips for managing anger because there are none. You must change your attitude to subject and make flexible your beliefs if you want for managing anger. You must lower your big ego for sake of you (not for anyone) if you want to control your anger.

Last part of articles title is making anger your secret weapon for your good instead of let it destroys you. Now let’s take simple example which you may find in your neighborhoods or in your relatives. Two brother of almost same age, raised in same worst kind of environment, studied at same third class school, had same drunk father, had quarrelling mom, faced same difficult financial condition but today one may doctor or lawyer and respected member of society and other may thug or drunk and same like his father.

Now big question is why? Even though both brothers were angry at their parents, their schools, their financial condition but both select different way for managing anger. One was released his anger to his family society and other was made his anger his strength, his secret weapon and be determined to make his future better.

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