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Jainism:The art of Living With Joy

jainism:The art of living with joy
By: Jyotindra N Doshi

"JINA" means victor: the individual who has conquered his passions of anger, pride, greed, hatred, and thoroughly achieved self realization. The followers of Jina is Jain. Jainism directs each individual, like you and me, how to make upward progress of our spirit, soul, and how to gain eternal happiness in our life.

There are five codes of conduct: 1) Non-Violance (Ahimsa) 2) Truth (Satya) 3) Non- Stealing (Achauraya) 4) Purity of body and mind (Bramacharya) 5) Non-possessiveness (Aparigrah) These codes are similar to the ethical code preached by other religions in the world.

In our body there are five major power centers: 1) Center of Knowledge located on the top of the head. 2) Center of Perception located between the eyebrows. 3) Center of Purification located in the throat. 4) Center of Happiness located near the heart. 5) Center of Energy located in the navel area.

Following is the process of mediation through which we control our mind and concentrate on the great qualities of our soul. 1) Breathing Technique: Exhale-Inhale nine times at each power center. 2) Sound Vibration: Creating 'OHM' or Navkarmantra. 3) Feel the flow of energy through different centers starting from the naval to the head. 4) Think about pure qualities of the soul. Think about a perfect, bodiless soul. Think about these affirmations: Perfect knowledge: I have power of knowledge. Perfect vision: I have power of vision. Eternal Happiness: I am eternal happiness. Perfect Energy: I have energy. Everlasting: I am everlasting.

5) Forgiveness: KHAMEMI SAVVE JIVA I forgive all the living beings. SAVVE JIVA KHAMANTU ME I seek pardon from all the living beings. MITTI ME SAVVA BHUTESU I am friendly towards all the living beings VERAM MAJJHAM NA KENVI And seek enmity with none. MICHHAMI DUKKADAM! Forgive me for my ignorance!

6) Self-Realization: I am pure soul. I am not body. Concentrate on three spiritual jewels: Right Knowledge, Right Vision and Right Conduct. While meditating, exhale and inhale through the process, drawing our energy from the naval to head. Concentrate on endless virtues and attributes of our soul. The practice of meditation helps us to purify our mental state, to control our emotions of hatred, greed, etc., and feel eternal happiness and serenity. Enlightened Perception,Enlightened Knowledge,Enlightened conduct Leads to Liberation,Moksha,(Freedom from cycle of Birth and death).

Jyotindra N.Doshi, Jainism Spiritual Speaker (International), Trustee,Interfaith chair(JSMC)

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