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Encourage Young Jains to Join Armed Forces

By Mahavir Sanglikar

Now it is time to encourage young Jains to join armed forces. Young Jains should consider armed forces as career opportunity. When we are expecting I.A.S. and I.P.S. officers from Jain community, it will be better to add Army officers to this list.

Already there are many Jain officers in Indian Armed Forces, but the number must be increased.

Joining Armed Forces is not a new thing for Jains. Our community has given many great Warriors, Generals and brave soldiers to the nation for thousands of years. We have seen Jains on the highest post at Indian Navy and Indian Air force. We should keep up and accelerate this tradition.

Joining Armed Forces will be beneficial to both the community and the nation. It will give adventurous career opportunity to our guys and gals.

We should ignore a tiny minority section of Jains who oppose joining Armed Forces in the name of Ahimsa. Their knowledge about Jain contribution to Military History of India is zero. Moreover, they know nothing about true meaning of Ahimsa.

Armed Forces are not for attacking other nations. They are just for saving the nation from invaders. Wars are not fought for killing people, but to save national interests and citizens. Without Armed Forces, no nation can survive. Without Armed Forces, no nation can keep peace within its territory. Just imagine what would happen if there are no Armed forces in your country.

People do not join Armed Forces to get a chance to kill people. There are many things that attract them towards the forces. One of it is to live an adventurous life. For many others, it is a national duty to join the forces. For many, it is an attractive career opportunity.

Armed Forces are not for those who want a safer and monochrome life. The forces are not for money-oriented people. I know that the money-oriented people will never wish to join Armed Forces. But all Jain are not money oriented. The new generations of moneymaker Jains also are looking for different things and colorful life. They want to escape themselves from traditional professions. Armed Forces are inviting them.

Jain organizations like Jain International Trade Organization (JITO) should encourage young Jain guys and girls to join Armed Forces. JITO is trying a lot to see I.A.S. (Indian Administrative Services) and I.P.S. (Indian Police Services) officers from Jain community. It has got an overwhelming response from young Jains from every part of India. Now JITO should think about Armed Forces. JITO should encourage and help young Jains to Join National Defense Academy, Dehradun Military Academy and other defense training institutes in India. Like the JITO training and help centers for competitive exams for I.A.S. and I.P.S., there should be JITO centers for defense Services also. Further, JITO should consider about establishing Jain Military Schools at major cities of India.

Here is one more suggestion. What JITO is doing in India, JAINA (Federation of Jain Associations in North America) should do in North America. When American Jains are citizens of U.S. and Canada, it is their duty and right to join the Administration, Police and Armed Forces there. JAINA should take initiative for it.


K. C said...

Yes, I agree that we should encourage our youth to go in armed forces. One can protect their country with rented/outsieded soldiers. One doom to get loose once the rented soldiers become more powerfull. Just like what happend to Bharat. You have to remember history: Bengal area was domineted by Jains. When muslims attached they did not have even small sticks to protect them selves and you can see the result that muslims have taken over.
Jains survived in Gujarat and vicinity area because Hindu kings have protected. One has to learn to use weapons for self protection.

Mahavir Sanglikar said...

Dear Mahavir, Over the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed healthy discussion on Jains in Armed forces. Most of you may know that I had the opportunity to serve in U.S.Navy for 24 yrs. I retired little over 4 yrs ago. I must admit that when I joined our community (friends and distance relatives) were bit oprehensive. However, the support of immediate family and some friends gave me courage and strength in my quest. There are/were other Jains serving/served in US military both as Military and civilians. Everyone I know is proud of their work without regret.

During my 24 yrs tenure, my work was greatly appreciated by my leaders. Every time I thought I failed at task, instead of reprimanding my leaders trained me until I achieved successes in those very tasks. That is the military culture.

I agree that our community should not rule out military careers for our youths. Many Jains in late 60's and 70's were members of NCC (ROTC) or equally recognized organizations. The goals and objectives of these organization is to help develop: leadership, Team participant, discipline, loyalty, courage to make decision, negotiate disagreements for WIN-WIN situation.

The impact of all wars are loose-loose scenarios. The incident of Bharat and Bahubali is a historical episode. The military officers on both sides knew the outcome of potential war.

Sushil Jain
CAPT, USN-ret.

PS: My son Ankush is an Ensign in US Navy, and we are proud of him.

Mahavir Sanglikar said...

Yes ,I totally agree with Sri Sanglikarji.There is nothing wrong & to the contrast it is a good thing to join army to protect nation & dharma.

All our tirthankars were kshatriyas,.Lord Rishabh thyself taught the art of using weapons.
whenever we get chance to join army we must do it.

Recently, in the kargil war also, our community has given its brave sons.I know one from Indore,MP.
Our, literature , if read correctly, it never advocates non-joining of army.

-Amit Prakash Jain

Mahavir Sanglikar said...

Without getting into logics ; I believe it is one's duty to fight any aggresor to best of the ability. Yes, if possible we can apply non-violent means but that does not mean we surrender or escape from a situation. I like the concept of Anekantwad - the best solution for many of the rigid & unsolvable disputes the world is facing.

Tks & Rgds

Sraman Raj Jain

Mahavir Sanglikar said...

Comments for Ravinder Jain

I read yours views about jainism and miltry services.

a jain leyman has rich plays role in indian army.

Some of my Jain friends have won medals in diffrent wars.some jain miltory man are my friend.

Jainisin belive in rastra
dharm acording to sthanang suttra

Mahavir Sanglikar said...

respected shri Mahaveer ji
Jai Jinendra

yes you are right that wars are not fought for killings. I agree

-Dr Rakshak Mal Lodha