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Ending violence is duty of each person: Sri Prasanna Sagar Maharaj Jain seer

Jain Muni Sri Prasanna Sagar Maharaj, who is participating in Chaturmasa, will be in Mysore till October 25. He is known for his revolutionary

thoughts on religions. He tells M B Maramkal violence can be conqured through united efforts.


Q: What is your perception about violence which has increased manifold compared to ancient days?
A: Violence was there in the past and it is continuing. But the dimension and definition have changed. In the past, man fought for his survival. Now, his fight is for prestige with ego playing a major role. Violence can be conquered. Every individual plays a role in ending or preventing violence.

Q: From where does your optimism on ending violence originate?
A: India has over 60 lakh religious leaders. People like Sri Sri Ravishanker Guruji and Tarun Sagar Maharaj should take the lead in uniting all these saints, seers, munis and sadhus to root out violence.

Q: Do you think preachings of saintly people will have any impact on people who are violent?
A: Things may not change on a single day. Like how a drop of water trickling on a rock for years leaves its mark on it, definitely a sustained effort will yield results.

Q: What is your opinion on alleged involvement of Islmic groups in terrorism?
A: Islam is a great religion and there is no place for violence in it. I have read Quran. If someone is indulging in violence in the name of religion it is not the fault of the religion, but of the misguided elements.

Q: What is your message to the society?
A: None is happy. If the poor is worried about what to eat, the rich is worried about what and what not to eat. People should shun the western culture of "hotelme jio, hospitalme maro" (live in hotel, die in hospital). Ultimately Indian culture and satsang will help in resolving the issues.

Q: What is your opinion about politics and the role of religion in it?
A: Religion and politics should have sugar-water relationship.

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