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True Meaning of Ahimsa (Non-Violence)

A very few People are interested in Views expressed in Dogmas. Simple Jains are interested in practicing AHINSA (Sanskrit Basic Word, Not AHIMSA) without Hair-Splitting by Most of The Shallow Half-Pundits exhibitting their Ignorance in Reality. In Short and In Substance, it is a Means to cleansing the Soul within one's self through Compassion and Non-Hurting ANY Life through Mind,Speech, and Action (Man, Vachan and Kaya). When Translated for Practice, it is Vegetarianism/Veganism (Plant-Based Food for Diet, etc.), Animal Rights and Environmental Natural Balance.

Human Beings will have to Do Some Hinsa to Keep Alive, which one can keep on Reducing, `Yatha Shakti'. Plants also have One-Sense Life and as Pain is felt through Senses, it is the Minimal Hinsa, compared to harm to Life with More than One Sense. Those who want to Repeatitively (as done in the attached piece) go on explaining in so many different Terminology or through more Examples, are Free To Do So. No one can Stop them. It is their Privilege. Put More succinctly, AHINSA is `Simple Living and High Thinking'. Let us Practice `AHINSA PARAMO DHARMA'. It will Help us Reach Higher Heights (Not in Physical Terms).

Posted by Fakirchand Dalal

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